When data tells about your day…

Data will be the new oil as I heard from the wizard of leading companies in the technical domain. The theme is data, captured as an electrical quantity, polished by algorithm from creative minds at the real estate of ubiquitous devices, will bring more meaning to human wellbeing.

It was autopilot nature of my mind with an uncertainty on the choice to keep track of my shuffling feet. It was the first step to believe in intuitive statistics—where data provides sufficient evidence on a story and of course to kick myself out of bed in between five and six o’clock in the morning. Now it seems to me that my particular choice aligned with the saying, “there is almost always a good path that you just haven’t discovered yet, so look for it until you find it rather than settle for the choice that is then apparent to you”. Flex 2 from Fitbit, designed to secure its place on a wrist, was the device of choice to record my workout activity. How complex is the design of human body and its synchronization techniques, I wonder? You wear something on your wrist and that little beauty will let you know approximate count of your moving feet. Everything was running smooth until the day just arrived and knocked the door of my noggin, “there must be something more, won’t you listen?”.


Above screenshot portrayed the picture of the day in question. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a wireless connectivity protocol, tied Flex 2 and Android/iOS device together to allow them to do the required trade to generate such meaningful chart. Numbers with the range of 22, spreads horizontally (X-axis) following an equidistant span of 2 at the bottom, represent the length of a day. And the numbers with the range of 1500, spreads vertically (Y-axis) with an equidistant span of 500 at the left side, represents the number of accumulated strides. On the landscape of XY-plane, each colorful, straight, and vertical line with varying lengths signify the summation of strikes by feet over the course of one-fourth of an hour.

What’s in it for me? How do I use these data? My thought of data was something that data will always make logical choices through logical reasoning. However, it’s the time when I tasted the flavor of data as a measure of my emotional choices. I don’t know about you but what if data tells you that it’s time to pay a visit to a nearby park or lake (with the escort of yours, don’t imagine, just make it so), to have a “nature bathing”. Have you ever wondered about your sleep— whether you got the pattern of sound sleep or swayed much to fight aliens throughout the night? Yours truly dares to say anything of his personal experiences, but it’s improving.

It was a marathon, I thought (sometime an unnecessarily dangerous thing at its best) at my first sight into aforementioned picture. How that could be? Did I walk all day long or wave my wrist to say, ‘Hello’? Well, it was the collapse of the soul of a poor machine, didn’t bless with growth-mindset— artificial intelligence, machine learning or something alike, to distinguish a false-positive shake of my wrist from the actual movement of feet. Anyway, what did cause the collapse of Flex 2? It’s the secret story of us, will remain as a memory— ‘development‘ as we address it. It was the route (to the known or unknown)— going through her dreading youth, caused the vehicle to tremble and finally flipped the counter of accumulated strides, but keeps us up and running in every brand-new morning while ‘progress’ is the word on everyone’s lips.

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