Max’s Bodacious Brain with Fiction LED

Shucks! folks, I’m late. It’s the Bodacious Brain! powered by Max the Magnificent. As I was pondering on his thoughts, I must admit that this thought has already cut the face of his (Max the) magnificent-mind in depth. However, from my vacuum-mind (according to calculus, it’s the lower limit of my mind while higher limit tends to infinity) I chose to pen these words as a stumili to the future self. I’m more interested in the connectivity protocol among neurons of the mighty Bodacious Brain. My silicon-mind (higher limit of its kind with all sort of possibilities) fabricated the thought of an LED. It will illuminate RGB by trade while on demand will convey meaning in a form of invisible light concurrently towards its siblings in a bonfire— made of LEDs. It would rather taste more doozy if comes with a photo-detector inbuilt. What will be name of such combo beast, we better leave it for the auspicious moment yet to come and of course for the fellas who will bring it to life. Though optical prism will be used to maintain the line of sight, however it slightly deviates the Max’s axiom, “if you show me a flashing LED, I’ll show you a man drooling along with few LEDs in front of it”. Ooh, Shiny!


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