Lazy stacking of my minds

First-order-consequence (11:30): It’s just a doorbell, so doesn’t worth my time.

Second-order-consequence (12:30): It’s just a doorbell, costs a hundred or two in BDT. Better to purchase a replacement and still doesn’t worth my time.


Third-order-consequence (15:30): Why not to give it a try by opening the skull of switch unit to investigate inside? Nothing inside, but an integrated circuit (IC) with resistors, capacitors as its ingredients. Okay, look at the other side. Few more ingredients— a switch, an inductor, an LED with a variable inductor. Ah, here you found the click, the variable inductor which commonly used as an antenna tuner. With age, system lost its capacities to maintain the strength (aka frequency) of bond with its peer, the distanced ring unit. Tune the variable inductor to form a new strength from the bandwidth table to make the bond strong again.

The Click

Thanks to Jahid, who kept the doorbell on my table and helped me found this existential pleasure of engineering. Now, I’m wondering that ARM has invented the technology, lazy stacking which reduces latency of context-switch time for floating-point unit. What will be my steps to reduce the latency to form the interface between subconscious- and conscious-mind?

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