Conundrum of interface – Human Vs Machine

It’s a fairy tale originated from the perpetual fear—people are extremely hard to live with when they have talent, but they aren’t able to use it or worse they choose to abuse it for mere meaning. Time to reflect back on myself from December to January. During this timeframe, I had opportunities to interact with people just as a social being as well as with machines as part of my professional need. It’s worth mentioning that my encounter with machines was friendly and healthy. However, there were times when my interaction with people was bitter than sour cream. The conscious-mind then asked “wouldn’t it be nice to have the same friendly and healthy experiences with beings just like machines?”. 

That led to another question, “what is the main functional difference between a human being and a machine?”. This wasn’t only confined to myself. I broadcasted to friends, distanced away from me in order to seek their experiences. Sorry to those who found it unnecessarily nerve-torturing. Responses were mostly diverse, but inspiring to draw a conclusion— human beings are not bad, but their moral choices to battle against (or to prioritize) own breath.

My conclusion with a hope that it will prove wrong in future. Interaction with machines is complex. With human being, it is more of confusions (probably the reason why telepathy hasn’t gained much attention). Complex is good (to me) while we have feedback and constraints. But confusion? Confusion may have twofold purpose. Confusion can be the only route to estimate the worst by boiling the lonely mind. On the contrary, confusion can be an opportunity to collaborate together to enhance civility by employing growth-mindset throughout the life.

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