Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy PCBA Experience with Seeed Studio

Completing a project isn’t undoubtedly an easy peasy lemon squeezy task regardless of its flavor— hobby or professional. Moreover, when it comes to a project that requires collaborative efforts from multiple domains, we can’t simply resist to delegate to others, who held expertise on relevant fields. Yours truly isn’t an exemption from it, especially when it comes to manufacture Printed Circuit Board (PCB). By some strange quirk of fate, I’m happy to hoist by my own petard— brand myself as a hardware tinker, who love to play with electronics in spare time. Anyway, my to-go place to manufacture PCB is Seeed Studio, where guys and gals are desperately determined to keep its promise— providing accessible technologies to manufacture PCB/PCB Assembly (PCBA) with affordable price, competitive lead times and 100% quality guaranteed.

I have used Seeed Studio’s PCB manufacturing service a few times in the past. However, it was the first time, when I couldn’t dare to defy their lucrative offering— free Assembly Service for 5 PCBs with only cost associates with purchasing the components. I was fascinated by the proactiveness of Seeed Studio team to tackle unwanted, torturously tricky, and perhaps silly technical problems before taking its toll in the application development process. For example, they ask for assembly files (as it happened to me for the first time that someone asked for it) to ease manufacturing by placing components in its correct position and orientation, in case there isn’t sufficient or opaque information provided in silkscreens or on board itself. Funnily enough as a consequence of this, I do remember the bitter experience with another vendor that occurred in the mists of time we used to call year 2016. I was testing firmware on a fabricated board. Application was supposed to resume its operation by following a defined period of sleep. With a tad excitement, I exclaimed, Ooh dear! And I made my way to firmware development guys to let them know that implementation of sleep functionally wasn’t working properly. After spending some of their productive time, they came with the message that they implemented it all right. How that can be, where lies the culprit? Luckily enough for me, I went to check the orientation of secondary heart (nerds use to synonym ‘heart’ as ‘oscillator’), imposed upon the responsibility to provide adequate pulses during sleep, and eventually helps to trigger an alarm for the processor with the message— “Hey, wake up! It’s 0530 in the morning, get some exercises and prepare yourself for the heavy lifting”. As expected, it was the orientation of secondary oscillator, rained on the parade. Anyway, I was quite confident that this sort of thing might not going to happen with Seeed Studio, as they take the preventive measure in prior. I tested all of the five boards, manufactured by Seeed Studio and wore my happy face after evaluating proper functionally of all. Thanks to guys and gals at Seeed Studio for their care and efforts!

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